Definite goal for the heart

Promote our growth, with creativity, solidity and commitment, passionate about solving the needs of clients, in an environment of development and security for our teams.

Main long-term strategies:

  1. Regional Leader with global coverage of perimeter solutions.
  2. Sustained growth oriented towards the generation of value.
  3. Ensure productive capacity that supports meeting future challenges.
  4. Technological leadership supported by an efficient management capacity.
  5. Creation of a committed culture that develops and enhances talent.

Battles we must win immediately:

  1. Increase our exports globally.
  2. Excellence in manufacturing (BMS & PVC Line).
  3. Accelerate the specification of our solutions.
  4. Expand our portfolio with winning solutions.
  5. Develop higher level supply chain.
  6. Definition of values and dissemination of these.

We want to be the preferred provider of perimeter security solutions, providing peace of mind and quality products to our customers around the world.