Production process


Process in which longitudinal and transverse steel bars of a mesh are joined. This is produced by the melting of the point of contact between the wires generated by the high temperature reached by passing electric current concentrated at that point. The metals are joined without the need for filler material, that is, by applying pressure and electric current on the areas to be welded.

MIG welding

It allows joining metal parts that cannot be manufactured in our electro-welding machines, either due to the complexity of the shapes or the special requirements of each client. Through this process it is possible to reach more complex geometries or unions of steel materials, such as doors and gates, bins and products that comply with very specific developments.

Polyester paint

Process of one of our surface finishing lines, which works with powder paint. This is electrostatically deposited on the steel mesh, poles, doors and gates; Subsequently, a plasticizing process of this paint is generated by means of a curing oven at 200°C for 10 minutes.

PVC paint

Process of one of our surface finishing lines, which works with PVC paint. This is applied to our products by preheating the base material between 224°C and 261°C by immersing the material in a tub with PVC paint. The final plasticizing process is generated by the melting furnace, which operates at 220°C for 3 minutes.