It allows generating a differentiating solution.


Special projects are verified by our production area and the R&D department.


We can develop special dimensions (width-length), modifying grids and/or wire diameter.


Through our R&D and Specification department, we can offer the development of special projects, ensuring the quality and technical feasibility of the products to be manufactured.

The design of special projects consists of delivering a customized solution where measurements, Ø of wires, coatings, paint color, etc., are required that are different from the product standard and where a specified proposal is needed.

The process is done in conjunction with the client with iterations of plans, renders, prototypes, etc. as required in each case.

We can develop special colors on request from the RAL range without TGIC and lead, this allows you to customize your project and differentiate it.

For questions about the design of special projects you can contact us through the contact form or by writing to to refer a commercial executive.